Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pirate Party!

A couple weekends ago I went up to Fresno to visit family and friends, but mostly to celebrate my nephew's 2nd birthday. I still can't believe it's been 2 years...that day in the hospital with Saprina seems like it was just yesterday. He's such a big boy now and he surprises me every day with how smart he is!

Tanner is obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates (what 2 year old isn't?!) so that was the theme of his party this year. Everything was so adorable, down to the pirate treasure chest cake.

We all had so much fun swimming and eating. It was great seeing all of my hometown friends. It's crazy to think I haven't seen most of these people since Tanner's 1st birthday.

After the party, a few of us decided to go out to dinner. Last year after Tanner's 1st birthday party, we all went to Hooters, so we decided to make a tradition of it and go again this year. It was so hilarious telling all the girls that it was Tanner's birthday and we asked him where he wanted to go and he said Hooters! Some of them were dumb enough to actually believe us. It was hilarious.

We got all of the girls in the place to sing and pose for pictures with him. It was so much fun! Tanner's got the coolest parents around. Hahaha!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Get Me Outta Here!

I've decided I want to take a vacation. Like a REAL vacation. Where all I do is sip drinks (preferably ones with alcohol in them) and relax. A vacation with no plan. Pick a destination and that's it....just go.

I texted my mom this morning with this idea. I love vacationing with my mom. Roadtrips with her are the best. We have the best conversations and we both LOVE down time. Sitting by a body of water, reading a book, resting...we love the same things. I love that she's not one of those people who go on vacation and want to do ALL THE THINGS. She goes on vacation to relax. That's what I need.

It's been YEARS since I've taken a long vacation. It's been years since I've taken a trip anywhere outside of CA. This must change. I've got vaca time saved up and by golly, I'm gunna take it!............now, where to go?

I really want to go somewhere I've never been. Some place that must be reached by roadtrip, train, or plane. The furthest east I've ever gone was to Illinois when I was like 9. So I'm thinking maybe further east? Or maybe we could head north towards Portland or Seattle? I've been to both of those places but it was when I was really little...so it'll be nice to see them now that I'm all growed up and can actually remember it.

Any suggestions?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Funny Things Kids at My Work Say...Part 3!!

The kids at my work say the craziest things. Sometimes to me, sometimes to someone else. Either way, it's always awesome. You can see my first post with some more amazing quotes right here and part two right here

 I clearly can't get enough of these blog posts...so here goes Part 3:


[The students left with the teachers to go across the street to the park at the end of the day....2 minutes later I hear this coming from the classroom:]
Kid: "Heeeeeeyyyyyy where'd everybody go?........hello?..........Denise!!! What the heck? They left without me!!"


Mom to student: "Hey John, look at your picture in the yearbook!"
Student: "Yep......I'm such a stud." 


8 yr old boy to Me: "Denise, is there a girl who goes here named Maggie?"
Me: "Yes. Are you friends with her?"
Kid: "Yeah...well....we used to be boyfriend and girlfriend...but I don't really know what happened there."
Me: "Oh really? Did you guys go to school together?"
Kid: "No. But we had a great relationship."


[Talking to a 3-year old about dinosaurs and trying to explain what 'extinct' means]
Kid: "Yeah! That's why you have to go like this when you're around dinosaurs (plugs nose)"
Me: "Huh? Why??"
Kid: "Cuz they're stinked!"

Kid to me: "Denise...your face looks good."
Me: "Thanks? Does it normally not?"
Kid: "Well today you look like you tried."


Kid: "This weekend I'm going to the Jonathan Club!"
Me: "Really? That's a pretty exclusive club! How'd you get in?"
Kid: "With my white boy swag."

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quick Update

The house hunting is not going so well. We've been all over Westside Rentals, Craigslist, and Zillow with no luck. In all of our searching we found ONE place that was absolutely perfect...

3 bedrooms, HOUSE, in Culver City (where we currently live), private backyard (that was GIANT), plenty of parking/street parking, garage, hardwood floors throughout...and the best part: allowed pets.

AND it was $100 cheaper than what we're paying right now. We were sold.

 photo yay_zpsc10fbc4e.gif 

Unfortunately it was taken immediately, before we could even get the application. Uggggghh....

 photo tumblr_m8yvwgEALz1qcazp7overwhelmed_zpsd36514cf.gif 

So now we're back to square one. The only houses we're finding are either in the Valley (Encino, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, etc) or it's down in the South Bay area (Hermosa, Torrance, Carson, etc.). Both of these places would take FOOORRREEEEEVVVERRRR for me and Lindsey to get to work and school. (Yes, I said "forever" like the police guy in The Sandlot...it felt appropriate) Plus...living in the valley does not sound like fun. If I wanted that kind of heat in the summer time, I would still live in Hanford. No. Thank. You.

 photo honey-boo-boo-sweating_zps37692b1d.gif 

SO! There you have it. Still searching.

But there is some hope. Our house is part of a triplex. There's our main house, and then 2 apartments (downstairs and upstairs) just to the side of our house...all on the same lot. All one property. So our landlord is selling the entire triplex. We asked our landlord what kind of interest he's been getting in the house. I wanted to know whether people were wanting to buy and live in the main house (our house) and rent the 2 apartments...which would be mean we would have to move. Or if he's getting more interest from people wanting to buy the triplex as is and keep all of the tenants in them...which means, we can STAY. He said that most of the interest he's gotten has been from investors that would want to keep all of the tenants in them. Which is amazing!! The only downfall would be if they try to raise our rent.

But we'd be able to stay in our house and stay where we are...which is what we want. So plllleeeeaaseeee pray that everything works out and the person who ends up buying the house wants to keep the tenants, and has us sign a new lease at the same (or no more than $100 more) rent. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

 photo fingerscrossed_zps0cfde08e.gif 

Monday, July 14, 2014

BBQ and Summer Hair

This weekend was pretty boring. All 3 of us roommates were exhausted and just wanted to sleep the entire weekend...which you KNOW I was down for. I did manage to do a couple things though...

Friday, I had my coworker come into the school to get highlights. She said she wanted to get rid of the reddish hue of her hair and get "summer hair". I absolutely LOVE the way this turned out. The color was perfect. **PROUD HAIRDRESSER**

A bunch of seniors were coming up to me after she left to tell me how much they loved it and ask how I did it. That definitely felt good hearing seniors tell this measly freshman how awesome she is. #winning

On Saturday, we ran a bunch of errands. At lunch time, Melinda had the great idea to go to this Tyler Texas BBQ joint in the valley. It was soooooo yummy.

[Dr. Hogly Wogly's Tyler Texas Bar-B-Que....how could you NOT love a place with that kinda name?]

[The pulled pork was soooo yummy. Best BELIEVE I smothered that in BBQ sauce]

[Melinda asked for a to-go box...this is what they did. Hahaha!]

We will definitely be going back to that place. It was the best BBQ I've had in LA thus far. Their french fries were delicious and the potato salad was like it was made by mama (it probably was).  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Pups + Venice Beach

I have to say, our dogs were freaking adorable this past weekend! All weekend, they were lovey, cuddly, and hilarious. We took all 3 dogs to the Venice Beach Boardwalk just to walk around and get them tired. It was hotter than balls for some reason. We were all dying and ended up leaving after being there an hour. The dogs loved every second of it though.

Sandi and Willow walked side-by-side like that forever. It was the cutest thing ever. I snapped about 100 pictures of it. I'm one of THOSE dog parents. Ugh.

When we got home, all 3 dogs immediately passed out. It was hilarious. They were so pooped. We all slept like angels that night.


Monday, July 7, 2014

A Very So-Cal 4th of July

This weekend was amazing in so many ways.

1. I had a 3 day weekend. WOOT!
2. We went to a dueling piano bar on Thursday night. Raaaandom.
3. We spent all day Friday celebrating America in the most fun and relaxing place ever.
4. We slept all day Saturday...seriously.
5. We went house hunting on Sunday...didn't find anything...but we had fun looking.

Ok, let me break this down for you. Thursday. Lindsey got the wise idea to google "firework shows on July 3rd" because she had that night off and was determined to see some explosions. Well, this dueling piano bar came up. So without actually READING what the night entailed...she bought the tickets. So we went. There was no firework show. Lindsey is dumb. And that's that. Hahahaha!

But no, the night actually turned out to be a lot of fun. The music was amazing and the drinks were suuuuuuper cheap. I got out of there only spending $6.94...say WHAAAAA!

Friday, we slept in (amazing) and then headed over to Hermosa Beach to meet our friends. One of our friends, Stephen, was housesitting for his friend and invited us over to hang out. It was the most relaxing and fun 4th I've ever had. We bbq-ed, played Cards Against Humanity, and lit sparklers.

And, just because I know you're curious about #5 up there ^, yes we're moving. I don't know when, but it was all kind of a shock. Last week our landlord called to let us know he was putting a For Sale sign up...just to see if he could "get any bites". AWESOME. :-| So pretty much we need to find a place sooner rather than later. I'm not too concerned about time though, because once they actually SELL the house, he has to give us a 60-day notice because we've lived there longer than a year. So no matter what, we'll have 60 days to find a place.

So that's what I'm dealing with right now....super fun. Oh well. I'm sad...I love our house! :(